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Every time I feel the slightest bit sleepy, sick, too hyper, or discomforted, I always rely on tea to help ease my mind and body. Different teas can be used for different illnesses, etc. Here are the benefits of tea (real tea being black, white and green) and herbal teas.

Benefits of Green, Black, and White Tea: High in antioxidants, prevent arterial clogging, promotes burning of fat, reduce neurological disorders, reduce risk of stroke, and lower cholesterol levels.

Chamomile Tea: antioxidants help prevent diabetes, good for sleep


From experience here are different teas that I have tried and LOVED.

Green, black, white, oolong tea I will use in the morning to wake up. I can never drink this after lunch though because I won’t be able to go to sleep.

Chamomile tea I use to help me sleep (though I try to limit the amount because it also promotes hay fever). I use an herbal blend called “Nighty Night Tea” (Buy It Here) that is a blend of passionflower, chamomile, linden flower, and hops.

Ginger tea, or any other tea blend with ginger (Buy here), I use if I have a stomach ache. Usually though, I will just have hot water, lemon juice, and honey, cayenne, and stick a piece of ginger in the mug.

Raspberry Leaf Tea helps with low iron levels or people with anemia. Personally, though, I can’t have this as it gives me hay fever symptoms.



– High in fiber: A large artichoke can contain about a quarter of the recommended daily intake of fiber.

– High in antioxidants: quercertin, rutin, anthocyanins, cynarin, luteolin, and silymarin are some of the antioxidants in artichokes

– Supposedly prevents the risk of cancer: Artichoke leaf extract is said to induce apoptosis and reduce cell proliferation

– Increases bile flow: The pulp of the artichoke leaves contains cynarin, an antioxidant, which increases bile flow. Bile is the fluid produced by the liver that breaks down lipids

– Good for the liver: some antioxidants in artichokes, such as cynarin and silymarin, help the liver.

– Great for digestion: Artichokes are a natural diuretic, improve gallbladder function, good for the liver, and aid digestion.

– Reduce cholesterol levels: Inhibits HMG-CoA reductase, which reduces cholesterol. They lower bad cholesterol (LDL), while raising good cholesterol (HDL).