I was shocked to find that they actually sell MSG...

I was shocked to find that grocery stores actually sell MSG. I thought it was only an additive in certain processed foods.

So, I’ve been talking about healthy things we should eat… but what about the ingredients and foods that we should avoid? One of the biggest things that I watch out for in processed foods, especially in asian food markets, is MSG.

What is MSG?

MSG is short for monosodium glutamate. It is an excitotoxin, which basically kills or damages nerve cells by being over stimulated by neurotransmitters.

Why are MSG in foods?

MSG is basically a “food enhancer”. MSG tricks your taste buds into thinking that what you are eating tastes good and is highly nutritious. Also, MSG promotes the increase of insulin, making your blood sugar drop, which makes you feel hungry sooner.

Damages of MSG?

– Create migraines

– Damages nerve cells

– Damages hypothalamus which regulates body temperature, food intake, sleeping patterns, autonomic nervous system

– Especially damaging to children with ADHD symptoms. Glutamate can disrupt dopamine production, a problem in children with ADHD.

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