We all have that weakness food. That food in the grocery store that we know we shouldn’t buy, but we just have to put it in the cart, or hidden somewhere in the pantry so we are not tempted, but end up not having just one piece, but the whole entire box. Eating healthy IS hard and there are going to be times when one craves a cookie, chips, a burger, or fries. But how do we manage these cravings? How do we make sure that we only take a little, and not end up engorging ourselves in our unhealthy foods? It’s all about portion control and substitutions. I have many weaknesses, but my biggest is probably instant spicy ramen noodles. Although, I buy the ones without MSG, it is packed with sodium and probably has absolutely NO nutrients. So my post here is all about how to take those delicious cravings and unhealthy foods and make them “healthier” (or at least add more nutrients) and feel fuller on less.



I would suggest buying dark chocolate and when you do eat it, throw in some nuts or dried fruit with it. The nuts will fill you up faster and the fruit will give it some natural sweetness to the dark chocolate (if dark is too bitter for you).

Ramen Noodles:

Now whenever I am craving ramen noodles, I will split the ramen noodle in half, and then add broccoli or whatever other vegetable. I still get the delicious taste, but with half the processed noodles, while still feeling full afterwards. Plus the vegetables add nutrients to the sodium packed meal.


One of my newest obsessions is kale chips! Not sure if they are actually as healthy as they say, but are probably healthier than most potato chips. Also, it is very easy to make your own chips without all the processed additives. Just thinly slice any type of root vegetable (mandolin slicer works best), put it in a pan, throw in a little olive oil and salt, and bake until crispy. Same goes for fries, you can easily make them yourself!


I’d say substitute it with fruit.