So allergy season is now here, and I have been encountering countless amount of people who are having horrible allergies. Though I am usually the first person to get allergies in the spring, I ended up not having any at all! Every year I would start stocking up on Claritin and would literally have to take it everyday until the fall. So what has changed from this year to last? I am NOT sure if this is helpful to other people, but I DO know that this is the only major difference in my diet since last year. I went gluten-free. I have been reading that most people with allergies and asthma are intolerant to gluten and so since I have been cutting gluten out of my diet, I have not been experiencing any asthma or allergies. Is gluten the reason I’ve been getting allergies? I don’t know. But I do know that I have greatly reduced my allergy symptoms. It could be eliminating gluten or it could be the lack of processed foods I am eating now because I cannot eat gluten. I would suggest possibly trying a gluten-free diet for maybe 1-2 weeks and seeing any results. Anyways, I have read up on some remedies for allergy problems and here are some things to reduce your symptoms:


– Alfalfa, Ephedra, Goldenseal, Horehound, Mullein leaf, Stinging nettle (Actually tried and works!), and wild cherry bark


– Eat more fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and seeds (raw) –> High fiber diet

– Yogurt or soured products few times per week

– AVOID Processed/junk foods (this should be done even if one doesn’t have allergies)

– Shower and change clothes when you come indoors